Mentee Resources

About the Program

The peer mentoring program has been developed with input from the stakeholder reference group and includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Introduction

  • Goal setting and identifying strengths

  • Australian workplace environment

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Self-care

  • Financial management

  • Legal rights and responsibilities at work

  • Interview skills

  • Developing a work search plan

  • Networking

  • Starting your own business

Workshop Materials

Workshop 1: English for Employment

Workshop 1 Materials were developed and prepared by Dr Paul Kebble, Ms Shelley Gower, and Prof Jaya Dantas

Workshop 2: Employment Skills

Workshop 2 Materials were developed and prepared by Dr David Forbes, Ms Shelley Gower, and Prof Jaya Dantas

Employability Skills

Women in the Workplace

Workplace Culture in Australia

Resources for Mentees

Resource TypeNotesWebsite Link
Assessing your own EnglishAn engaging way to assess how good your English is – please use ‘EMPOWER’ for username (no password needed). Once in, use’1′ for ‘student ID’ and your name.
SEEKDid you know that some platforms list job openings where experience is not required?
Online Article published by SBSA Colombian woman who came to Australia as a refugee has set up an organisation teaching women the fundamentals of starting a business.
Online Article published by Insider GuidesAustralian Etiquette – Acceptable norms, unacceptable behaviours worth learning…
Excerpt: Ever wondered what is and isn’t good etiquette in Australia? Well, fear not, you have a little leeway here in the land of Oz. At least, we don’t have many rigid and unbreakable rules of etiquette.
…there are certain behaviours that may give off the wrong impression. Some may seem obvious, some may surprise, it really depends on where you’re from! Rudeness is after all, relative.
Australia’s Refugee and Humanitarian ProgramJune 2019 Refugee Week – sharing success stories
Online Article published by ABC News‘Doctors and engineers end up driving taxis’: The uphill battle facing migrants to Australia

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